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Underneath the name “massage” is an integration of various forms of therapy, each of which are based on the manipulation of the body by a massage therapist.

Thanks to the blending of oriental traditions, we now understand “massage” in a more holistic sense; through the manipulation of the body we enjoy benefits not just at the physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level.


How to choose a massage

Which one: All techniques of massage have beneficial consequences. However, based on character and personality, each of us naturally prefers to receive certain types of massages over others.
If you are more energetic and athletic, or if you have a restless disposition, you would most likely prefer intense, enwrapping massages, such as Thai, connective tissue and Californian massages, which utilize characteristic kneading techniques.
If you have a more sensitive and irritable disposition, or if you feel particularly tired, you should opt for massages with a lighter yet deeper touch, such as Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage, and Anti-Stress massages.
If, however, you want to feel vital energy flow throughout your entire body, choose digital pressure treatments such as: Shiastu, Reflexology, and Chinese Digital Pressure.
When – morning, afternoon, or evening? Select the time of day when you feel most receptive – you’ll have spent your time and money more wisely.
Duration: scientific research has shown that the subject under massage begins to relax after 20 minutes of treatment. If you allow yourself a massage only every now and then, you should choose a 60-minute session.
Therapist: Even more important than technique, music, and the various types of oils used during massage is the experience and sensibility of the therapist in drawing out the beneficial effects of each session.
Obviously, another important aspect is the desire of the person undergoing massage to experience relaxation!


relax in acqua termale


85% of our bodies are composed of water . . . doesn’t it make sense that we feel comfortable immersed in luxurious, relaxing 35ºC thermal water?
The thermal water in Montegrotto Terme’s pools is composed of a bromidic-iodic salt mixture, rich in salt minerals, naturally myo-relaxing and decontracting.
In addition, the hydro-massages, water jets, and Kneipp paths that the pools are furnished with, serve to increase relaxing and regenerative potential.



Acquagym: Physical activity in thermal waters activates metabolism, stimulates circulation, and improves muscle tone. Acquagym is an excellent instrument for combating cellulite. Moreover, it has the advantage of being fun!

Personal Trainer: As another term for personalized fitness and regulated based on the needs and preferences of each guest, it is the perfect solution if you want to improve your physical form while learning how to listen to and understand your own body.

attività fisica



Flavor and Balance are the keywords for correct nutrition: a binomial whereby caloric demands do not necessarily upset the need to satisfy the palate. During vacations, we often tend to give in to gastronomic temptation. Besides, everything is served to us ready and savory . . . why not profit from it?
In Montegrotto Terme’s hotels, however, we can choose a vacation that complements psycho-physical well-being in addition to a regulated nutrition regime created by a nutrition-dietician specialist, who will provide the guest with personalized principles and suggestions that can be utilized even at home.


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