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The city of Montegrotto Terme

Let us bring you through a green land rich of history, fascination, energizing relax and…. excellent wines and food! Castles, Venetian villas, abbeys, medioeval hamlets… we suggest your visiting some spots in the Euganean Hills.


The Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria Assunta of Praglia, maybe one of the most important monumental and religious communities in the area, is set in the town of Teolo, only 10 minutes from Montegrotto Terme.
From the suspended cloisters you can reach the loggia where you can admire a breathtaking view of the Euganian Hills and the surrounding countryside, neither dotted by houses nor cars. Strange, charming, now more than ever.

Overshadowing structure, rich in history, charm and legends, The Catajo Castle stands tall on the road leading from Padova to Battaglia Terme.

The Barbarigo-Pizzoni Ardemani Garden in a Valsanzibio is one of the most important and refined Italian style Gardens: an amazing world of fountains, pools and landscape architecture welcome the visitors in the greenery of the Euganean Hills.

Arquà Petrarca: one of Italy’s most beautiful hamlets
That’s the remark written on a road sign at the gates of this medieval hamlet, as that’s how the experts have described it: one of Italy’s thirty most beautiful hamlets. And so it has always been: it was not by chance that the poet Francesco Petrarca decided to spend here the last years of his life.

Walled towns
Montagnana, Monselice, Este are all worth a visit. They are all enclosed by walls and fortified. During the month of September these towns host cities quarters challenges, knights tournaments and costumed parades.

And what about the cities of art of Veneto Region?

Just have a look at the Veneto map and you’ll realise that Montegrotto Terme is the ideal starting point to reach in a short time marvellous cities of art, a concentration of historical and artistic jewels.

Padua is the city of St. Anthony, it’s where Italy's second oldest University, after Bologna, was founded. the city can also boast one of the biggest and most beautiful squares in Europe: Prato della Valle, as well as an important artistic legacy such as the Scrovegni Chapel frescoed by Giotto and a variety of churches.

Venice is considered the most beautiful city in the world. It is an incredible city that you can explore either on foot or by boat and that's made up of 118 islands joined by more than 400 bridges and separated by canals which act as streets. It is fascinating for the many art treasures that it holds: churches, palaces, museums, bridges: we can almost say that the entire city is a unique work of art built throughout centuries.


Treviso and its Province is the ideal territory for whom want to enjoy a trip rich in flavours in an elegant historical-architectural contest: art, natural beauties, but also agricultural products such as the “Radicchio” and the wine production appreciated all over the world, in particular the "Prosecco", produced in Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, and its refined version: the "Cartizze".

Verona: A walk trough the centre of Verona is a walk trough history; everywhere you can breathe the passion of the unhappy lovers of Verona, whose story inspired Shakespeare's play. The Arena is the symbol of the city: roman amphitheatre of the I century a.C., it is still nowadays the stage of an important Opera Summer Season.

Venetian Villas
In the middle of the 1500, many noble Venetian families decided to build their holiday houses in the most delightful plains and hills of the Serenissima territories. These villas are more than 4000 (20 of them can be visited), scattered everywhere: along the road that goes from Mestre to Treviso (the Terraglio), along the Brenta river that used to join Venice to Padua (Ville della Riviera del Brenta), on the hills near Treviso and Vicenza, and in the Berici and Euganean Hills. Some of these villas are works of famous architects such as Palladio (27 Venetian villas by Palladio are on the UNESCO list, as World Heritage).


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