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montegrotto terme
la città di montegrotto terme


The city of Montegrotto Terme, along with the nearby Abano Terme, constitutes the Euganean thermal zone, or more precisely, the largest thermal center in Europe.

In spite of its prestige, Montegrotto is truly a place for all men and women. The city’s center is lively yet tiny, with a promenade surrounded by numerous shops as well as restaurants where visitors can taste food and wine. The beauty of Montegrotto is further enhanced by the landscape of the Euganean Hills’ Regional Park, which offers numerous opportunities to discover an abundant nature, medieval villages and villas throughout the Veneto region.

The hot water which flows from Montegrotto’s subsoil has been a vital component of treatments and cures since the ancient Roman times. The name of the city itself, which originates from “Mons Aegrotorum” – literally “mountain of sick people” – further testifies to the essential role of the hot water in promoting well-being. The ancient populations that inhabited these areas already well understood the therapeutic properties of hot water and attributed its cause to the gods. In fact, the miniature sculptures representing parts of the human body, called “ex voto” and discovered during excavations, were none other than special offers to the gods from sick people who were healed by the waters, and which were then thrown into the lakes as a sign of recognition.

Thirty thermal hotels are furnished with indoor and outdoor pools, hydro-massages, saunas and gyms, green areas, and a thermal center and beauty farm, where guests can luxuriate in total comfort and relaxation.

Places to visit


The archaeological site from the Republican and Augustan age, a real open air museum, reveals the remains of a theater, of bathtubs in various forms, and of hot water conductors.
Church of Ss. Pietro and Eliseo and Oratory of the Madonna: located in the center of old Montegrotto, rebuilt during the 18th Century on pre-existing medieval foundations.
The imposing Duomo di San Pietro (mid-1900) with its dome, constructed on a hill that overlooks the entire city and where there once stood a Roman edifice.



butterfly arc


Butterfly Arc, near the archaeological site, is the first “live” butterfly exhibition orchestrated in Italy. The most beautiful and big specimens in the world fly uninhibited among plants and flowers in three gigantic tropical gardens: Amazonian, Indo-Australian, and African.
Price of butterfly exhibition : € 5,50 full-price; reduced price €5.50 disabled, children .

Hours: From March to October – 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. solar time, or 5:30 p.m. legal time.

For more information and to schedule reservations, call: +39 049 8910189




Two steps away from the center


Villa Draghi, luxury villa from the 1700s, named today after its former owners and immersed in the green landscape near Mount Ceva.
International Museum of Glass Art and Thermal Baths: located on the road that leads to Villa Draghi, at the end of via Castello. This museum offers a panoramic of one of the most refined and picturesque works of art – the artistic manufacturing of glass.
In exhibition: fixed and thematic collections.



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