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montegrotto terme

Heath in Montegrotto comes from thermal waters . . . and from mud that, thanks to the water, “matures.”


The uniqueness of Montegrotto Terme:

   Il Comfort


Comfort: Each hotel is endowed with its own thermal center equipped with a mud bath therapy department and a health director. This means that the guest can access the thermal center directly from his or her own room, already wearing a bathrobe, without ever having to leave the hotel. The center can be easily reached using the designated elevator.
No hassle of undressing and re-dressing several times. You can enjoy a stress-free thermal treatment without wasting time.


fango termale


It is a completely natural treatment made from the four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

It is a therapy known since the ancient Roman times, testified by the ruins of Roman thermal baths that visitors can see in Montegrotto city centre.

It is DOC-matured and has received “pharmaceutical” recognition because, as such, it helps to fight pain. More than standard medicine, it improves symptomatolology and the physiological conditions for those who undergo a cycle of mud therapy.

It is particularly recommended for painful symptomatolology such as rheumatoid-arthritis, osteoporosis, and for many pathologies connected to joint articulation.


A thermal mud therapy cycle of at least six consecutive treatments (10/12 cycles are more desirable) produces the following beneficial effects on the organism:

stimulates the production of endorphins, which raise the pain threshold (equal amounts of pain can be withstood with greater ease);

stimulates reconstitution of cartilage between joint articulation;

thanks to the heat released on the body, it has an myo-relaxing and decontracting effect;

it has a purifying effect because it helps expel toxins, and represents a light peeling/face pack for skin over the entire body.

The main counter-indications are for those who suffer from heart conditions, serious vascular conditions, hypo- and hypertension. For such reasons, each thermal center is under the responsibility of a thermal doctor health director who alone prescribes the method and time of each treatment session, following a medical check-up to permit access to thermal mud bath therapy.



Thermal bath therapy is particularly indicated for stimulation of blood circulation, especially in association with hydro-massage treatments.

Inhalation therapies have powerful reparative and normalizing capacities against problems arising in the respiratory apparatus, thanks to thermal bromidic iodic salt water. In addition to restoring normal respiratory functions, the water protects the mucous membrane from possible relapses with its mucolitic and fluidifying action. Particularly indicated for sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, and rhinogenous deafness.

non solo fango



Commonly known as rehabilitation in thermal water, it is a treatment that is particularly indicated for regaining mobility in the osteo-articular apparatus, especially following fractures and surgical intervention.
Four major benefits:

near-complete immersion of the body in thermal water reduces the body’s weight by about 90% with the alleviation of the spine and the entire osteo-articular system;

thermal bromidic iodic salt water has a myo-relaxing and decontracting effect;

the temperature of around 35ºC does not allow the patient to become cold;

the ampleness of the bathtubs and pools allows the therapist to perform ample movements to the benefit of the patient.



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